Aerialetics is very proudly made in the USA!

What is the purpose of The Theory Trainer?

The Theory Trainer is a one-piece aerial jumpsuit designed to make your aerial practice and performance more comfortable and safe.  Your clothing doesn’t get caught in your apparatus, the double fabric knee pocket prevents silk burns on knee drops, and the extra-long inseam provides padding for your footlocks and ankle hangs.  


What is the difference in the Aerialetics jumpsuit and others on the market?

The differences are vast because the Theory Trainer was made specifically for aerialists.  Our aerial jumpsuit is made of tightly woven performance fabrics that provide a comfortable barrier between you and your apparatus.  The fabric is not slippery – it has a good friction against silks and hammocks.  These features give you freedom to try new tricks with less focus on your gear.


Why do I need the extra length in the inseam?

We’ve found that new students, and even seasoned aerialists, appreciate the ankle coverage when learning a new wrap or when repeatedly practicing footlocks or types of ankle hangs.


How do I know what size to order?

The Theory Trainer aerial jumpsuit comes in two sizes. The small/medium generally fits size 0-6 and the medium/large generally fits size 8-12, depending on how you are built.  You are also welcome to send your height and weight, along with a photo to info@aerialetics.com and our customer care team will help you determine the best size. 


What if my jumpsuit doesn’t fit?

We have an easy return/exchange policy.  We want you to be happy and will gladly exchange an unused product returned to us in its original packaging. Just email us at info@aerialetics.com to initiate the return. Our Refund Policy details are here.


How do I care for my Theory Trainer?

Wash your Trainer inside out with a mild detergent in cold water by hand or on gentle cycle in your machine. Hang to dry.  Never use bleach, an iron, or dry cleaning. 


What does the name Aerialetics mean?

Aerialetics is a combination of Aerial and Athletics.  We believe that aerialists are true athletes.  Our sport-like art form requires great strength, dexterity, body awareness and cognitive skills. 


Does the top provide ample coverage and support for large-breasted aerialists?

Yes. Our structured top incorporates athletic and wide straps to prevent them from digging into the shoulders. The top also includes a mesh liner with modesty pockets for padding if desired. 


What materials are used in the Theory Trainer?

The top and bottom consist of different percentages of nylon and spandex.  You will find this information on the tear-away care tag that is sewn into your aerial training jumpsuit.


Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes!  We have many happy customers who have asked to join our affiliate program.  When the associated affiliate code is used to make a purchase, that affiliate earns a referral fee.  Just email us at info@aerialetics.com to set up an account.


What is your Privacy Policy?

We NEVER EVER share your information with any third party. EVER.  You can read the details of our policy here.


Do you have gift certificates? 

YES! You can order them online by clicking here.


Where are Aerialetics jumpsuits and leggings made?

They are proudly made here in the United States of America.


Do you charge international shipping fees?

Aerialetics complies with international shipping requirements. The Customer shall be responsible for any duties, customs, VAT related to shipments to any international address you have provided during checkout.

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