Aerialists Love It!

My Aerialetics trainer is the perfect combination of everything I want in aerial wear: comfort, style and quality.  Nothing creeps up or falls down, and padding in all the right places to make knee drops more comfortable. Plus, it's super flattering!


I'm so impressed with it! Yours is a STAND OUT!  It goes above and beyond and fits like a dream so thank you! 


The Theory Trainer arrived today -so fast!  I just tried it on and I am AMAZED by the fit and quality.  I am short - have a big butt and no boobs, and it is perfectly form fitting in all the right places.  I'm stoked to get up on the equipment in this.


I received my jumpsuit and I just want to say thank you so much for putting this product out on the market for us aerialists.  I was thrilled the design and structure made the onesie look like two pieces.  I've been looking for something like this for a very long time.  I was so happy with how well made it was. The pants were thicker and compressive and the top allowed for more movement. The top kept everything in place so thankfully no accidental flashing (even without an additional sports bra underneath which is what I usually have to do with leotards and some of my lulu tops.) The jumpsuit felt very supportive throughout and the extra lining behind the knees is such a great idea for those knee drops.  The overall experience: from ordering, to shipping, to follow up, and the actual product was quick, smooth, and excellent!! Thank you again!!


Meet Your New Aerial Trainer

The Theory Trainer  aerial jumpsuit was inspired by aerial athletes and is  designed for comfort and safety.  Catching your clothes in your apparatus is a thing of the past! 

Made in the USA, this one-piece design made of tightly woven  technical fabrics, provides extra padding in areas that receive the most wraps and drops.  There are many jumpsuits on the market but none provide the right fabrics, fit and specific areas of support that we need to train confidently.  We can focus more on our artistic elements, not our gear.    

Our high-waist and raised-back design give you a sleek midline PLUS extra protection in your wraps.  Yes, the Trainer  has extra-long legs to protect your ankles and arches too. 

These features give you freedom to try new tricks with less focus on low back and/or knee pocket burns.